YeeeeHA Sunday!

We had such a blessed day for Round up Sunday. The estimated number in attendance was 950. Many decisions were made and a great time was had by all. I was overwhelmed all day and it is hard to put it into words. It was just a tremendous day. Everywhere I looked were people. I had my picture taken hundreds of times. They call them “snaps”. I also took hundreds of pictures. I cannot post them all so I will post highlights.

The crowd flows outside of the building with 150 or more outside the building listening to the speakers. The speakers kept going out, but the Preachers kept going.


This is my sweet friend. She stopped by with her father on Monday evening to sing us a goodbye song. It so touched my heart, I cried. I video taped her singing the song and have listened to it many more times and have cried. We had to leave for visitation and she and her father stayed until we returned. She sang the song again before the left. Again, Jeff and I cried.


Here are the two Pastors. They have so much in common. Their hearts are knit together.


This is a picture with the Pastor Raju’s family.


Here is me and Jeff after a very long day!


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