Meet Shankrama

This lady lives near the church. They pay her twice a week to do general clean up around the property. She trims trees and bushes, sweeps and even paints. Since early this morning she has been working.



You see a lot of poor in India.


This lady lives down by the train tracks.  Last year they wanted to build a shelter for her.  They cleared the spot where she lives and put up a nice tent for her so she would have shelter before the rainy season.  She refused to use the shelter and continues to live outside.


This is a typical scene everywhere.  They throw their trash on the ground.


They give gifts to their gods, yet barely have enough to survive.


This is an ox cart hauling sugarcane.


Typical day at the market.

Around the property

Yesterday I showed you a picture of the facilities that we use, now I will show you what the people use.

This is the outside restroom:




Here is a cow walking past the property:


I just love the bird on her back.

This is the baptistry for the church, it is located outside of the building.


This is a playground that was built for the children. The benches are colored to match the colors of the wordless book. Jerilyn shared that Pastor Raju was challenged to win someone to the Lord on the first bench. Each time he won someone to the Lord on the benches, they added a bench until they had all the colors of the wordless book.
The children had a “penny” offering during Vacation Bible School and raised enough money to purchase a slide for the playground this last year. Jeff is sitting on one of the benches in this photo.


This is a little sitting area. It is so peaceful out here it is called  Psalm 91:


Here is a look at our home for the next few days.
Thank you Pastor Raju for giving up your office for us.

This is the shower.


This is the bedroom



We have arrived! We were greeted by hugs from our friends. After a nutritious breakfast at McDonalds we are now on the road to Bidar!

Pastor Raju is driving and its a little bumpy….


We arrived safely to Dubai. The flight here had a couple of exciting moments. A man and woman had a rather large and heated disagreement that was headed for an international incident haha. Apparently he kept moving her seat and she didn’t like it. A similar incident happened to the gentleman beside me as he tried to lower his tray and the rude American who was sitting in the seat in front of him got loud. Seriously people lighten up! At one point during the flight he got quite comfortable and crossed into my space, I would have taken a picture but was afraid it would flash and cause another international incident haha. Jeff can vouch for me, 🙂

They have a McDonalds and a Starbucks in this airport, what more could you ask for!

We board Air India in a few minutes, but wanted to give everyone an update.

Stay tuned….